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Web Design, Hosting & Internet Services:

Unique Web Sites for Unique Businesses:

We specialise in custom-made web sites to suit your budget and business needs. We make it easy for you too, by taking care of your domain registration, hosting, branding, company logo design, Flash animation, shopping carts and on-line forms. See our CLIENT PORTFOLIO for varied examples of our work.

We come highly recommended...

We have not SPENT A SINGLE PENNY on advertising in the last 3.5 years! Why? Because we no longer need to. Year-on-year, 82% of our customers come to us recommended ('word-of-mouth') or are repeat custom. We are proud of that. We'll say it AGAIN.... WE ARE PROUD OF THAT !!

Web Design and Hosting Services:

To most the Internet is a technical hassle, right?
- So let us ASSIST YOU with our extensive Internet services, years of experience and knowledge:

SEO : Search Engine Optimisation (Essential):

We have successfully listed all our client's sites in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN! Even if you already have a web site - it is PARAMOUNT YOU GAIN SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT on PAGE 1 to have any chance of getting significant traffic to your website. If you ignore SEO - your site is likely to be a unvisited and lonely place.

We ensure your site is hand coded correctly for search engines and submission. We can assess and re-code your old or new site for better search engine placement.

Unfortunately there is LOADS of JARGON surrounding search engines so talk to us about simplifying Google Adwords, Google rankings, link building, reciprocal links, Yahoo (a.k.a. Overture), PageRank™, Top 10 listings, .... PPC, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, search marketing, SEM, SEO, Link swap, SEO software, SEO tool and sponsored listings with Yahoo and Google.

So... Let's Talk Web Sites!

Interested? Please contact our professional Web Designers to discuss your needs. We will be delighted to give you a free estimate (no obligation).