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Accessible Web Design (Disabled Web Access)

Chances are you are ignoring your disabled customers (online and offline). It's against the Law and it's likely you are unknowingly guilty of disability discrimination.

Read This Now - It May Increase Your Turnover!

Disability Discrimination Act (UK LAW): It is your legal (if not your moral) duty to ensure that your business services/products (including any on-line) are available to as many people as possible, including the disabled, visually impaired, etc. This is known as accessibility... And a friendly warning: There has already been out-of-court settlements under the Disability Discrimination Act! you really should read on.

Web Access For All

Here, we believe the web is for everyone: all ages, all abilities and their many differing needs. So give a thought to the 10+% of web visitors who have special needs BUT still want, like you and I, to utilise the power of the Internet and SPEND MONEY WITH YOUR BUSINESS ON-LINE.

Are you Losing Sales Potential?

We bet you have a list of minor irritations about the web sites you use? E.G. too slow, links not working, text too small..... For users with special needs, these minor irritations turn into major annoyances, can make web sites difficult to use or WORSE even block access to the site all together. - THAT MEANS LOSS OF POTENTIAL SALES!

What? No Mouse Required!

A SIMPLE FACT: Not all web users (i.e. your customers) will have cutting-edge computers, an up-to-date browser, broadband or even the use of a mouse! It's well known in I.T. that most people have PC technology 2 years old or more! But still too many web designers and companies have 'show-off' web sites using bells & whistles that have little or any regard for these disadvantaged or disabled users.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your web site should consider the many types of user out there in Cyber-Business world. Some users may not consider themselves disabled but still have difficulty using computers. For instance, visual impairment, hard of hearing, memory loss, dexterity and mobility become more likely as a person becomes older. However, increasingly the older generation are using the web - AND THEY BUY STUFF ON-LINE TOO!!!

Colour-blindness, dyslexia, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are commonly found among the 'non-disabled' computer-using population. Also the user's equipment may hinder their web surfing (e.g. old equipment, slow Internet connections, intranet restrictions or out-of-date software). Truly the popular 'You Need the Flash Player' is a form of discrimination and if the user does not have this they are blocked from your services - Madness surely?

Why Implement Accessibility?

  • It's the Law: Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - Making reasonable adjustments to offer disabled persons the same service as every one else or risk prosecution and compensation claims.
  • It's Economics: There are 9 Million registered as disabled in UK (over 2 million with sight problems). With an estimated disposal income of £50billion, you surely want a slice of this pie?
  • Global Campaigns: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - have 3 levels of recommendations for universally accessible web design. The RNIB are leading a UK drive for better web design called 'See IT Right'. They get mass media coverage and are holding country-wide seminars.
  • Competitive Advantage: - Get in First! Your customers may move to another service provider that does offer an accessible service. Your competitors may already be looking at re-designing their site to accessible standards. Do you want to play 'catch-up' or lead the field?
  • It's Morally Right: It supports equal rights. Sites that are accessible also benefit other users. On-line retail is now deemed an essential service and should be accessible to ALL.
  • Good for Public Relations: Be one of the first to be compliant and you attract positive attention from the media and open up an income stream that perhaps was not available before. You can use it in your press coverage and commercials
  • Faster Web Page Performance: Accessible and streamlined content and navigation is faster to download. (i.e. less image intensive, easier to read, more logical and structured)

Let's Talk Web Accessibility

The subject of web accessibility is quite extensive so for more information just contact us for a consultation about your requirements.

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